Ready or Not

I had the pleasure of working on a scene in this film, on set at Casa Loma. I had two projectiles sticking out of my body, and kept to myself, in
a shadowy corner of the main hall.

I got to do ADR months later, as well, which is always a blast.

Trailers have become an art form much in the way music videos evolved - you'll find most fall into two categories.

1. Art form trailer that sells the story by being a standalone, entertaining short watch (think
Wolf of Wallstreet - damn that's a tight trailer)
2. An abridged version of the film; gives you the shape and idea of the forest without spoiling every tree along the way.

This is such a fun trailer, and I very much look forward to seeing the movie!

I joked with my friend that I had to die twice to get the role (which is emotionally exhausting - to perform a slow death). Funnily, I died several more times on the day, and then months later in the sound booth. I'm dying to see the film! (Wah wah!)
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