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I believe in the fantastical, but I also poke holes in high concept ideas - all in all, I'll believe in something until I don't.
I was at a fantastic, newly discovered off-leash park talking to some other dog owners. We came upon the topic of buying a car and seeing it everywhere. I remarked:

"I feel like things become ubiquitous, like a newly learned word, and you just up your cognizance and notice it everywhere. But those words you learn, and those cars you buy and drive are common and everywhere."

Cognizance is altered at times we think the universe is being drawn to our brains and thought patterns. That's the main driving force behind a lot of instances like this.
That being said….

I got home, I continued to write while marathoning "Scrubs" on TV. I came to an episode with Mandy Moore, it was really enjoyable. I remember how I felt when I first saw the episode with my best friend, we were big fans of her talent and it was a treat to see her in our favourite show.

I thought about what she might be doing these days! I hadn't seen her performing any new music, haven't seen her in any new shows or movies, etc. While wondering this, I opened Twitter on my phone, and the very first thing in my feed was a story about Mandy Moore getting a Hollywood Star, and having a semi-reunion with her "Walk to Remember" co-star. It was a nice picture, she like Jennifer Lopez, has successfully stopped aging entirely.

I thought: "This isn't a car, or a new word I didn't happen to know. This is something super specific, outdated, and weirdly timed."

It made me think about making this post, and what really compounded it was what happened twenty minutes later!

During another episode of "Scrubs", a character is dancing to his own ringtone - it was N'Sync, "Bye, Bye, Bye". He wanted to bring it back to popularity. It made me look up N'sync and go down a wikipedia hole for a while. I read about the origin of the song and how it was partly a fuck you "goodbye" to their corrupt, thieving, asshole manager Lou Pearlman.

The episode ended. I screwed around on my computer. I went to Youtube, and this was the first thing I saw:

Honestly, I'll be the first sceptic to poke holes in something - and I'm not saying I'm fully invested in the eerie power of the universe bringing things to the forefront of your mind - - All I know, is what made me doubt such concepts before was the commonality and ubiquity of the things people were noticing.

These were super outdated and specific things - - and the catalyst to my cognizance was a dated TV show, no less.

A TV episode from 2005, reminded a 2019 man of a song from 2000, and a story that wasn't fully told this way until apparently right bloody now.

So that's my super-weird observation today!

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