Oceans to Ponds

Last year, it became apparent to me that I have to meet more people. I didn't know enough people to feel like a valid person, and I didn't like or get along with the people I knew to be content. I'm an introvert loner! When we went to school, we were immersed with people who were our approximate age, and we were all relatively interested in the same stuff. Now we're all spread out in the real world, and I'm ready to go seek out interesting and new people!
The first thing I did was touch base with the curator of the Super Wonder Gallery in Toronto. They welcome fringe artists, they do 10-minute theatre presentations on a monthly basis, and they throw great sci-fi parties.

The curator was excited at the idea of me contributing scripts to their cause, and suggested he'd want me to get hands on and direct some - participate. I'm excited to ba a guest and audience member, I'm excited to perform for fun and work with new creative sorts; weirdos, because that's what I am! In fact, the curator and I bonded over our shared Tourettes Syndrome (gangsta cred)!

I then touched base with a buddy who just got a house in Hamilton. He substitute teaches high school science; flies drones for freelance photography, plays guitar, and rock climbs! I honestly don't know why we couldn't make more time for one another sooner, but now we've both got loads of it! I'm excited to rock climb again; to jam on guitar with friends, etc.

I think what I'm solving is: University was an ocean body of good social opportunities, and now I have to seek out several ponds.

The third and latest pond I found was in the form of a summer day camp for kids. They need a videographer for a month and a half. It's a great gig, pays well, and still lets me audition and go to acting jobs.

During the interview, the administrators suggested I was over qualified (in a happy way, not a euphemistic dismissing way) and it lifted my spirits for a solid hour. I didn't realize how low I was until someone lifted me up a bit and made me feel worth a damn. They appreciated what I had to bring to the table.

Life is out there, you just have to acknowledge that it always came to you and was delivered; we were always spoiled to not have to work at it. Now I've gotta get up and at'em.

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