The Day I Was Born

IT was my birthday on Sunday. In the back of my mind, I phrased it as “The day I was born” because in the time leading up to it – I had a catharsis. I wanted to let my birthday mark the beginning of a fresh me, in a fresh life, at the fresh beginning of the week.
Bday Cake I Can't Eat
I was initially going to celebrate my birthday with a 'Keto Torpedo' involving pizza, donuts, and a lot of beer, but I went the opposite direction. I'm going full throttle clean and constructive; staying Keto, too.

I refreshed my laundry; refreshed my body, cleaned my living space, and made realistic goals I could meet. Any time I'm sad, or crave changing my state, I work out and exercise like mad. I'm letting intense pain in my body and the sore repair time to follow, be my new state. I'm treating my bedroom like a prison cell, and I won't let the time served go wasted.

I'm auditioning consistently; I've booked two movie scenes and a national commercial in the short time I've been back in Canada, and I've more opportunities cooking and coming along performance-wise that I hope to share soon! I may be able to travel for acting work this summer. I'm producing my own short films, and I'm dealing with a huge summer camp right now, about to be hired to head their videography department and lead a team to shoot and cut the kids' experiences.

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