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  • What We Do in the Shadows (TV Spec)

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    Our lively dead are held up during quarantine, and need to find healthy outlets to spare them from cabin fever.

  • Star Trek Discovery(TV Spec)

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    A spec story that strands the ship's highest ranking officers on a mysterious planet during a geostorm - Meanwhile, Discovery's security and life support systems have been sabotaged/compromised.

  • Sleeper Cell (TV Pilot)

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    Unlikely strangers discover a conspiracy in which the future invades the past (our present) through dreams.

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers "don't fall asleep" thriller meets "Fringe"

  • Always Sunny...(TV Spec)

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    A spec story where Charlie tries to help Mac talk to his comatose father by way of "Flat Lining" a la the method from the 1990 Keifer Sutherland movie.

  • Ghosts (Screenplay)

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    Maude is a Ghostwriter working on her biggest project yet - one to fast track her a life she longs to rebuild.

    The story she's helping tell becomes dangerous, and tests her with every twist along the way.

  • The Homecoming (Screenplay)

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    A feature about a 1% gang nearing the end of their halcyon days and relevance. It's a revenge/coming of age story.



  • White Picket Fence (Stage Play)

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    The story of an All-American family in the middle of a small town political race.

    The main drama of the story is a battle for the soul of Adedewe Gharib, a Catholic minister who is new to the country.

  • Chairman and Punch (Stage Play)

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    A one hour drama about an interrogation.

  • Cargo 1810 (Stage Play)

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    Stranded at sea; some running and others chased, we follow a group of people travelling to a new world and life.

    When things go awry - They are forced to confront one another in order to work together and survive.

  • The Ashley Protocol (Stage Play)

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    A science fiction tale about immortality.


Narrative Fiction

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